Forbes Coronaguard, Powered by SHYCOCAN, is a virulence prevention and containment device, now available in the GCC. Up to 99%* Corona family of viruses are disabled on surfaces and in the air, giving you and your family real-time protection in closed spaces.

A plug and play device, Coronaguard delivers necessary signals to photon mediated electron emitters (PMEE) to produce hypercharged high-velocity electrons by photon mediation. These electrons interact with the negative charge seeking S-protein of viruses thus, reducing infectivity and preventing air and surface borne transmission in closed spaces.

Forbes Coronaguard works all by itself without any maintenance. It safely disables 99% of corona family of viruses without causing harm to humans, pets or eco-friendly microorganisms and without interference with other electronic devices.

*Tests from Internationally Accredited laboratories and Studies reviewed by Independent Researchers in the Netherlands (TNO) conclude that Forbes Coronaguard reduces surrogate SARS COV -2.



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