Frequently asked Questions


Forbes Coronaguard is a revolutionary virulence prevention device that attenuates & disables 99% of corona family of viruses and prevents it’s spread in the enclosed spaces for additional peace of mind when used alongside your existing cleaning and safety protocols.

The innovative technology ‘physically attenuates’ the homing mechanism on the virus and prevents infectivity. The technology is based on well-known principles of physics “Photon Mediated Electron Emission” (PMEE) that disables the S protein in the virus so that it cannot attach itself to human cells, thus preventing the infectivity.

Forbes Coronaguard eliminates the threat of infection from viruses with spike proteins, such as corona family of viruses and influenza.

The device is designed for continuous use, it is recommended to be ON for continuous protection. The device uses only 0.04 kWh of power – which costs less than 1 cent per hour!

This product has been tested for its Virucidal performance efficacy in India & Internationally Accredited laboratories. The test results prove that the Virucidal efficiency is more than 99% on corona family of viruses using suitable surrogate viruses as per US EPA recommendations.

  • IIT Guwahati – 100% attenuation of Avian coronavirus
  • Aquadiagnostics Lab IAPMO, India – 99.99% attenuation of MS2 Phage
  • LEI, Mexico – 99.9% attenuation of Equine arteritis virus
  • TNO Netherlands – Equine Arteritis Virus & Avian Coronavirus –  99.66 – 99.99 attenuation

Yes, the product is tested for human & animal safety, electrical safety & environmental safety.

Human & Animal Safety (ISO 10993-5):

  • IIT Guwahati – Nontoxic to human Cells
  • University of Madras – Nontoxic to Animal Cells

Environmental Safety: 

  • EVA Associates, Australia – No ozone emission
  • Shreis Scalene Therapeutics, LLA, US – No ozone emission.
  • SGS UAE – Meeting RoHS requirements

Electrical safety: Meeting CE Marking Class I requirements

  • UL – EMI – EMC Test conducted as per IEC 60335-1-2010 & IEC 61236-2012

The Forbes Coronaguard does not use any chemicals. It does not ionize the air nor does it produce any ozone.

Forbes Coronaguard should be wall mounted in the room away from the reach of children. This does not interfere with any electronic devices and is tested & cleared under CE Marking requirements. The product can be used in the air-conditioned rooms.

The device can be safely deployed in all environments inhabited by people, be it very large or small enclosed spaces. Forbes Coronaguard helps create ‘safe zones’ in homes, health care facilities, grocery and essential stores, restaurants & hotels, schools, colleges, places of worship, residential, corporate, industrial and sporting environments.

  • Dutch funeral home
    Shycocan reduced infections in Omen Uitvaartzorg, a Dutch funeral home.
  • Omen Uitvaartzorg
    Installed 19 Shycocan devices in public areas, including waiting rooms, the ceremonial hall and the hospitality areas. Up to 30 people attended each funeral, and did not wear masks when having refreshments. After Shycocan had been installed, the owners of Omen Uitvaartzorg experienced reductions in employee absence because of COVID-19. They also discovered that visitors felt more comfortable: once the purpose of Shycocan had been explained, they were reassured that Omen Uitvaartzorg was going to great lengths to keep visitors safe. There have been no COVID-19 outbreaks since.
  • Bangalore science park
    In January 2019, Shycocan was installed on the Scalene campus in Bangalore, India in order to prevent seasonal flu. Instead of around 20% employees away due to sickness during flu season, the campus only had a negligible absence rate.
  • In 2020, Shycocans were installed in the homes of all Scalene employees – as well as their laboratories and offices. Scalene employees were also told to avoid shops and other outside venues. There has not been a single case of COVID-19 among Scalene employees.

The product comes with a wall mounting bracket which is user friendly to install.

The Forbes Coronaguard is currently available in one variant, which covers 1,000 Sq. Ft (10,000 Cubic ft). If the rooms are separated by partition / walls, you need to have separate units for each room for full coverage.

The product has a Green indicator lamp in the front; this is an indication that the product is working to create safe zones in the application area.

This product is a Plug & Play product with no consumable to replace. Hence there’s no service required, and it is maintenance free. However, the products should be cleaned regularly of any dust deposition on the fan or grilles that may accumulate over a period.

No, the Coronaguard attenuates only the corona family of viruses in the air & surfaces in the closed rooms.

This product is a Plug & Play product with no consumable to replace. Hence there’s no service required and it is maintenance free.

The Forbes Coronaguard shall be warranted against manufacturing defects and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase from the authorized local dealer, plus one year year additional upon registration of product, for a total period of two years. Please refer to the terms of warranty for more details .

No, this product shall leave no stains on your walls.

There have been several claims of coronavirus cures and preventions. Many of them have been found to be fake. Why should anyone trust this device?

The manufacturing company  – Eureka Forbes has been at the forefront of India’s health efforts over the past 39 years, becoming synonymous with clean drinking water and cleaning solutions. They have been, over the years, protecting Indians from harmful bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. So, there is a trust associated with their name. This product has been through rigorous testing and the test reports prove the efficacy of the device beyond any doubt.